About arbitrary code

Some analyses in jamovi can be created using R code with the Rj Editor. This allows for great flexibility in what analyses can be run, however due to the flexibility of R code, it’s possible for someone to write an analysis which does malicious things, such as deleting files. This is a similar situation to other software which allows arbitrary code, such as macros in Microsoft Word or Excel.

For these reasons, when opening a file that contains this sort of R code, a warning is presented, and this R code will only be permitted to run if you allow it to.

If you trust the source of the data file, or you wrote the R code yourself, then you can allow the R code to run. On the other hand, if you aren’t sure about where the file has come from, or have downloaded it from an untrusted source on the internet, then we recommend you don’t allow the code to run until you have inspected it and understand what it does.

Not allowing the code to run will still allow you to see the results it has generated. The only difference will be that the analysis will not update in response to changes to the data. Other analyses not based on Rj or entering R code will continue to function in the normal way.

Stay safe!

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