Resources by the Community

The following are some jamovi community resources you may find useful (submissions welcome! contact <at>

There’s also the official jamovi user-guide.

Getting Started

learning statistics with jamovi – David Foxcroft and Dani Navarro

A complete (free!) intro stats textbook, ideal for undergraduate statistics programs. Also available in Japanese.

jamovi: a video introduction -– Barton Poulson,

A set of over 50 videos that walk through every aspect of jamovi. The complete course with downloadable files is at and the videos are also available on YouTube at

Statistics for Psychologists – Craig A. Wendorf

(… and Annotated output)

step-by-step instructions on how to obtain basic statistical output using jamovi, both visually with screenshots and via written instructions. Simple examples for most undergraduate-level between-subjects and within-subjects research designs are provided.

Introduction to jamovi with linear regression – Lion Behrens, Rens van de Schoot

a basic introduction to the software package jamovi.

A series of jamovi tutorials for applied statistical analysis – Tyson Barret

a series of jamovi tutorials for my Applied Statistical Analysis graduate course

Taller: El proceso de análisis cuantitativo con Jamovi: potencia, simplicidad y rapidez

Module Specific

TOSTER - Two one-sided t-test procedures – Daniël Lakens

GAMLj - General Analyses for Linear Models (Official) – Marcello Gallucci