Resources by the Community

The following are some jamovi community resources you may find useful (submissions welcome! contact <at>

There’s also the official jamovi user-guide.

Getting Started

Statistics for Psychologists – Craig A. Wendorf

(… and Annotated output)

step-by-step instructions on how to obtain basic statistical output using jamovi, both visually with screenshots and via written instructions. Simple examples for most undergraduate-level between-subjects and within-subjects research designs are provided.

Introduction to jamovi with linear regression – Lion Behrens, Rens van de Schoot

a basic introduction to the software package jamovi.

A series of jamovi tutorials for applied statistical analysis – Tyson Barret

a series of jamovi tutorials for my Applied Statistical Analysis graduate course

Taller: El proceso de análisis cuantitativo con Jamovi: potencia, simplicidad y rapidez

Module Specific

TOSTER - Two one-sided t-test procedures – Daniël Lakens

GAMLj - General Analyses for Linear Models (Official) – Marcello Gallucci