We are a team of enthusiastic and experienced developers with backgrounds in software development, statistics, and science. Originally we worked together as (lead) developers and designers of the JASP project, a project that focuses on making Bayesian statistics more accessible. However we found that our goals and ambitions consistently went beyond the scope of JASP, and decided the best way to move forward was to found a new project: the jamovi project.

The jamovi project was founded to develop a free and open statistical platform which is intuitive to use, and can provide the latest developments in statistical methodology. At the core of the jamovi philosophy, is that scientific software should be “community driven”, where anyone can develop and publish analyses, and make them available to a wide audience.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about the jamovi project please contact us or visit the forum:

E-mail contact@jamovi.org
Twitter @jamoviStats
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The Team

Jonathon Love


Damian Dropmann


Ravi Selker