jamovi library

jamovi is more than a stats program, it’s a community of stats experts and developers writing specialized modules. Inside jamovi you have access to these modules from the jamovi library; a public space or ‘app store’ where you can download modules important to your work.

Below are a list of modules available from the jamovi library. You can download them from here and sideload them into jamovi, but its easier if you access the jamovi library from inside jamovi itself. You can access the jamovi library inside jamovi through the Modules menu.

jpower - Power Analysis for Common Research Designs0.1.1

Richard D. Morey and Ravi Selker
Power analysis for common research designs.

GAMLj - General Analyses for Linear Models0.9.7

Marcello Gallucci
A suite for estimation of linear models, such as the general linear model, linear mixed model, generalized linear models. For each family, models can be estimated for with categorical and/or continuous variables, with options to facilitate estimation of interactions, simple slopes, simple effects, post-hoc tests, contrast analysis and visualization of the results.

blandr - Bland-Altman Method Comparison0.5.1

Deepankar Datta
This module provides Bland-Altman method comparison analysis, and is also available as an R package from CRAN

MAJOR - Meta Analysis1.0.0

Kyle Hamilton
A meta-analysis suite based on the R package metafor by Wolfgang Viechtbauer.


Ravi Selker
Allows you to make clean, good-looking scatter plots with the option to add marginal density or box plots on the axes. You can find it under the 'Exploration' menu.


Daniel Lakens
Two one-sided tests (TOST) procedures to test equivalence for t-tests and correlations. More information.

Base R1.1.2

Jonathon Love, Damian Dropmann, and Ravi Selker
A simple module which makes the analyses from the stats package (included with R) useable from jamovi. This module is ideal for teaching and learning R (when run in 'syntax mode') as it demonstrates the syntax for some basic but common R analyses.


Ravi Selker
This module allows you to do simple mediation and moderation analysis.


Jonathon Love, Patrick Mair
A toolbox of common robust statistical tests, including robust descriptives, robust t-tests, and robust ANOVA. Walrus is based on the WRS2 package by Patrick Mair, which is in turn based on the scripts and work of Rand Wilcox. These analyses are described in depth in the book Introduction to Robust Estimation & Hypothesis Testing. Walrus is also available for R from CRAN.

Death Watch1.0.1

Jonathon Love, Cole Davis
Survival analysis

jamovi Arcade1.0.0

Ravi Selker
There's a time for work and there's a time for play. Step into the jamovi Arcade to leave your sorrows behind and relax for a while. Play games such as hangman and blackjack and find out whether you have got what it takes to be the next covfefe?