Contingency Tables

χ² test of association

Example usage

dat <-

contTables(dat, rows = 'Hair', cols = 'Eye', counts = 'Freq')

#  Contingency Tables
#  Contingency Tables
#  ─────────────────────────────────────────────────────
#    Hair     Brown    Blue    Hazel    Green    Total
#  ─────────────────────────────────────────────────────
#    Black       68      20       15        5      108
#    Brown      119      84       54       29      286
#    Red         26      17       14       14       71
#    Blond        7      94       10       16      127
#    Total      220     215       93       64      592
#  ─────────────────────────────────────────────────────
#  χ² Tests
#  ───────────────────────────────
#          Value    df    p
#  ───────────────────────────────
#    χ²      138     9    < .001
#    N       592
#  ───────────────────────────────


data the data as a data frame
rows a string naming the variable to use as the rows in the contingency table
cols a string naming the variable to use as the columns in the contingency table
counts a string naming the variable to use as counts, or NULL if each row represents a single observation
layers a character vector naming variables to split the contingency table across
chiSq TRUE (default) or FALSE, provide χ²
chiSqCorr TRUE or FALSE (default), provide χ² with continuity correction
likeRat TRUE or FALSE (default), provide the likelihood ratio
contCoef TRUE or FALSE (default), provide the contingency coefficient
phiCra TRUE or FALSE (default), provide Phi and Cramer's V
logOdds TRUE or FALSE (default), provide the log odds ratio (only available for 2x2 tables)
ciWidth a number between 50 and 99.9 (default: 95), width of the confidence intervals to provide
gamma TRUE or FALSE (default), provide gamma
taub TRUE or FALSE (default), provide Kendall's tau-b
exp TRUE or FALSE (default), provide the expected counts
pcRow TRUE or FALSE (default), provide row percentages
pcCol TRUE or FALSE (default), provide column percentages
pcTot TRUE or FALSE (default), provide total percentages


A results object containing:

results$freqs a table
results$chiSq a table
results$odds a table
results$nom a table
results$gamma a table
results$taub a table

Tables can be converted to data frames with asDF or For example: