Contingency Tables

χ² test of association

Example usage

 contTables(data, rows='x', cols='y')


data — the data as a data frame

rows — a string naming the variable to use as the rows in the contingency table

cols — a string naming the variable to use as the columns in the contingency table

counts — a string naming the variable to use as counts, or NULL if each row represents a single observation

layers — a character vector naming variables to split the contingency table across

chiSqTRUE (default) or FALSE, provide χ²

chiSqCorrTRUE or FALSE (default), provide χ² with continuity correction

likeRatTRUE or FALSE (default), provide the likelihood ratio

contCoefTRUE or FALSE (default), provide the contingency coefficient

phiCraTRUE or FALSE (default), provide Phi and Cramer's V

logOddsTRUE or FALSE (default), provide the log odds ratio (only available for 2x2 tables)

ciWidth — a number between 50 and 99.9 (default: 95), width of the confidence intervals to provide

gammaTRUE or FALSE (default), provide gamma

taubTRUE or FALSE (default), provide Kendall's tau-b

expTRUE or FALSE (default), provide the expected counts

pcRowTRUE or FALSE (default), provide row percentages

pcColTRUE or FALSE (default), provide column percentages

pcTotTRUE or FALSE (default), provide total percentages