Correlation Matrix

Example usage

corrMatrix(data, vars=c('x', 'y', 'z'))


data — the data as a data frame

vars — a vector of strings naming the variables to correlate in data

pearsonTRUE (default) or FALSE, provide Pearson's R

spearmanTRUE or FALSE (default), provide Spearman's rho

kendallTRUE or FALSE (default), provide Kendall's tau-b

sigTRUE (default) or FALSE, provide significance levels

flagTRUE or FALSE (default), flag significant correlations

ciTRUE or FALSE (default), provide confidence intervals

ciWidth — a number between 50 and 99.9 (default: 95), the width of confidence intervals to provide

plotsTRUE or FALSE (default), provide a correlation matrix plot

plotDensTRUE or FALSE (default), provide densities in the correlation matrix plot

plotStatsTRUE or FALSE (default), provide statistics in the correlation matrix plot

hypothesis — one of 'corr' (default), 'pos', 'neg' specifying the alernative hypothesis; correlated, correlated positively, correlated negatively respectively.